"Thanks for a job well done! We are putting the house on the market next week with sparkling clean windows!! "
- Karina van Huyssteen

"We loved everything about your service yesterday our windows have never looked so clean"
- Aimee Meyer

"We are very happy with the service delivered. The team went above and beyond what was expected of them"
- Coral Facilities

"I am very happy with the fantastic service and end result. Looking forward to long customer service relationship with Pureglaze"
- Charmaine Cinnamond

"Couldn’t be happier – thank you for the follow up"
- Martine Brown

"Brilliant. Thank you. The Team were great and windows look like new"
- Niki Bennett

"Quite simply, your team and the results of their work were phenomenal. Every member of the team was friendly, worked efficiently and effectively, and then when finishing up, noticed that there were still some marks, so tackled the windows again. We hadn't even noticed. That level of honesty and commitment to service is not the norm, and we thank you and the team sincerely for upholding those values"
- Julie Stacey

"Awesome, awesome and even more awesome. I am absolutely delighted with the window cleaning and would like to thank your team for an outstanding job. Would love to organize a clean every 2 months with your company"
- Sally Cooper

"Absolutely delighted - much appreciated. Your staff were amazing and my windows look fantastic"
- Mark Vorwerg

"I was very happy with the window cleaning and the team was so professional and efficient"
- Priya Maharaj

"Please be advised that we are more than satisfied with the services provided. Thank You very much for all the hard work and effort"
- MyGas

"Thank you very much.. yes I was very pleased. The team were very polite and accommodating"
- Kathy Ustas

"We were most impressed with your service, and will definitely be using you again. thank you for your professionalism"
- Cheryl Louw

"Absolutely delighted thanks so much"
- Deborah van Dongen

"We are DELIGHTED with our beautiful windows now that you have cleaned them SO incredibly well. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!"
- Janine van Duyn Interiors

"They were really good. Very quick, no disruptions, the supervisor was very friendly. And best of all, the windows look great, inside and out! "
- Daryl von Broembsen

"Thanks for the courtesy mail and the follow-up. I was also one of the residents affected by the fact that my bedroom window was not accessible to clean and I am very impressed. I know that Mercia received a thank-you card from another resident who has an enclosed balcony and she was equally thankful for the cleaning."
- Tugela Terrace

"I only got to see the windows this morning. They look fantastic, thank you. We are very happy and will definitely want your services in the future."
- Sean Borrill

"We found your workers most professional and the result shining!"
- Rose Nourse

"I am a very happy customer. Absolutely fabulous! My windows are shining clean and I just love it."
- Theresa King

"I was very happy with the service you provided our business. The windows look stunning! Its as if we have a brand new building :) "
- Impala Centre

"We were delighted with your service and the way the windows have come up - your team did wonders !"
- Cunningham Lindsay

"Thanks so much, I was delighted"
- Debi Buzzi

"We were very happy and would like to continue with you. We will contact you with regards taking over all our windows"
- Rivonia Toyota

"Have just got back and am sitting in my study looking at the beautifully cleaned windows! Thank you so much."
- Dorne O'Haughey

"I was very happy with the work your guys did and will definitely be using your company again. It was REALLY nice having clean windows when all my visitors were here"
- Iona Cockerill

"Very very happy, did a great job!"
- Gail Stokell

"The windows was cleaned very professionally"
- Just Letting

"Thank you very much for the service which I have received yesterday. Everything looks great."
- Annalie Grove

"We are very happy with the cleaning that was done on Tuesday. Thanks again for fitting us in to your busy schedule we appreciate it!"
- Jonathon @ Doppio Zero

"I was very happy, thank you. Your guys were quick and very professional"
- Madeleine Wessels

"Thanks - my windows look amazing!! I am indeed very happy with the service. And I am sure you will hear from me again!! "
- Marle Graser

"I am still amazed as to how you managed to clean so efficiently!?"
- Hussein @ ETV

"Your team was FANTASTIC and managed to achieve in a day and a bit, what I've tried to achieve (unsuccessfully) for weeks now! In general - probably the best service-related experience we've had in this entire building process"
- Samantha Webber

"Thank you for the great work, it was a pleasure dealing with you and your team. Your team were professional and efficient on site it was a pleasure dealing with them"
- Michael @ Discovery Health

"What a difference - Thank you!"
- Shirley @ Gibb Engineering

"I was so so impressed with the service thank you"
- Lauren Gore

"Thank you very much for a job superbly executed"
- Mike Mpye

"Excellent all round thank you! will definitely use your services again"
- Sandra @ SABPP

"I can honestly say that I am really impressed with your service and will happily recommend you to anyone. Your guys were efficient, friendly, unobtrusive and, aside from the really clean windows, you'd hardly know they were here"
- Brenda Raubenheimer

"Service was fantastic. Many thanks."
- Lauren Frew

"I am very happy with the cleaning that was done and will most certainly use your company again"
- Evrille Funston

"I am really happy to be able to see out of my windows again! Compliments on the excellent service"
- Bronwen Lloyd

"It is wonderful to see clearly out of the windows! All your staff were really nice, friendly, and worked very efficiently. "
- Kim Lucas

"Thank you - your guys were really good and professional."
- Miguel @ OXO Bathrooms

"Thanks for an efficient, seamless service during 2010. I can honestly recommend your services to anyone as one of the few services that I receive that is hassle free. Well done! "
- Wendy Sidwell

"All Good - Thank you very much. Looking forward to the next service. "
- Christos @ Protea Hotel Waterfront

"I was certainly very happy with the window cleaning at Centurion Gate. The staff were professional and courteous at all times, as well as your supervisor who took the time to explain the process. The cherry on top was that we had no water on Friday and the guys continued working. That was really great! Once again Thank you and well done on an exceptional job"
- Dean @ Kumba Iron Ore

"Yes thanks - the windows look great!"
- Di @ Joe Public (Pty) Ltd

"Very happy thanks!"
- Julie @ de Broglio Inc. Attorneys

"The windows look amazing!!!!!. Thank you."
- Shirley @ Plastichem

"I appreciate your company's professionalism! Something that's very rare today! I am more than satisfied! Thank you to all involved"
- Charlene Kleinhans

"What a fantastic job your guys did, I can actually see out my windows"
- Grant Gasson

"I just wanted to say that I am so impressed with the level of service and the quality of service that I received from you - my windows are spotless and and the guys were so careful around my house - well done - good work - really"
- Joanna Evans

"I have never seen these windows sparkling like this, i am very impressed with what I have seen"
- Ben @ Transnet

"Absolutely thrilled! Very professional, loved that there was competent supervision! Quick and neat! "
- Laura Randall

"Absolutely delighted with the results! Great job, pleasant employees."
- Ange Watson

"I am definitely happy with the first service from Pure Glaze. Your supervisor was a great help and even went above and beyond to clean the window sills which our cleaner can't reach. Thank you very much for the superb service. Looking forward to a great relationship with PureGlaze!"
- Loren @ Fine Healthcare

"Great job!"
- Teresa Cooper

"I am very happy with the cleanup. Will refer you to others"
- Marion Leatherbarrow

"I was very impressed with the service yesterday. The chap who supervised was very friendly. Our windows looked great!"
- Natalie Mansour

"I can't believe what a difference it makes to have clean windows! Thanks to you and your team that were so professional, I must tell you that since building this house it has been very rare to come across people that know their job! I must say it's very welcoming and gives one hope."
- Jillian MacFarlane

"Unbeatable service - they are fast, efficient & very professional! I'll recommend them any day!"
- Raceview Motors

"We were happy with the service, thank you very much. I am glad that I contacted Pureglaze to do the cleaning."
- Nicolien du Preez

"My wife and I were delighted with your very professional service. And, we are more than happy with the high standard of cleaning."
- Peter Bybee

"Yes, I was very happy with the window cleaning and the level of service. The staff were all very courteous and efficient. Thank you for the good service."
- Esme Basson

"Thanks. We are very happy. It is great to see the City's skyline so clearly."
- Johan Prins